Who we are

“Înger Alb” was formed in 1994 by a group of young students, musicians from the Music Academy  from Kishinew, as a chamber Chorus, as was their colleagues Ovidiu Hritcu’s idea.

From the very beginning till 2004 the choir conductor was Veronica Surugiu. At the moment the choir conductor is Dorin Batca.

The membership fluctuated between 12 and 17 members, but often has changed choristers, so that more than 100 people sang in “Înger Alb” in more than 20 years of activity.

Classical and sacred music performed by “Înger Alb” chorus has been heard in many churches and prestigious concert halls including the National Philharmonic Hall, Organ Hall and the National Palace of Moldova, as well as at wedding ceremonies, in hospitals and penitentiary houses. “Înger Alb” has been a remarkable participand at several different important international choir competitions including the 1999 Darmstadt, Germany event; 2001 in Varna, Bulgaria; as well as at different music festivals or concerts in Great Britain, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. The goal of “Înger Alb” continues to be the realization of high spiritual ideals and excellent professional skills.

Who is ”Înger Alb” in other words:

  • Daniel Chirileanu: The seconds of the Planet fret crazy. On the horizon, Heaven builds the shiny moment of Savior’s coming.
    He comes along with his angels. “White Angel” is already here.
    For more than a decade the waiting is easier and happier next to this group’s shining. Listen and sing and the longing for the Kingdom of Light brighten the last step on our way.
    You also can be “White Angel”!
  • Benone Catană: A bit of angelic music makes the air better for breathing in our devilish world. If somehow you got use to the atmosphere full of smoke and to the drug aroma of the hell music, if fortunately you are aware of your need  to be set free, than you should listen to Înger Alb’s music: it heals cleans and nourishes the soul, calms down and strengthens the spirit, raises your eyes to Heaven, i.e. there where is the last hope of Humanity….
    Why should one desire something more than this perfect harmony that a wise Creator offered him? Why should you want something else than this joy that drips from a mysterious heavenly spring that floods all your beingg in a unearthly way?
    Oh God, if this bit of beauty and sublime would disappear one day, don’t let me live in this world any more, take me to You, cause, I am sure, there I’ll find it again!
  • Stephen Nielson, Pianist, Maestru în arte, Ambasador al Culturii Mondiale, (SUA)“Înger Alb”, the distinguished choral group from Moldova, demonstrates musicianship and artistry of  the highest level. The legacy of the choral art is being carried forward in a unique and admirable manner by these marvelous singers, who sing as one. I predict distinction in the world of music for them for many years to come.